BRIDGE - Construction

Construction of a bridge in Grobbendonk

'De Scheepvaart' awarded Herbosch-Kiere the contract to demolish and build a new bridge above the Albert Canal in Grobbendonk, Belgium. The works included:

- Demolition of the existing bridge.

- Demolition of the existing road, bicycle path, pedestrian area, public lights and drainage-canal.

- Demolition of existing embankments and construction of new embankments to the right and left shore.

- Excavation of the shore above and below water to widen the canal to 86m.

- Construction of a new steel bridge.

- Construction of new bridge pillars & foundations.

- Installation of the new bridge.

- Construction of a new road, bicycle path and pedestrian ara, public lights and drainage-canal.


Project duration: 
01/2010 - 11/2012