Construction of a current deflecting wall

Construction of a “Current Deflecting Wall” alongside the Deurganck Dock in Antwerp

The work involved:

  • the delivery and installation of 37 metal pipes, each with a diameter of 2,420 mm, a length of up to 42,000 mm and weighing 100 t. Total quantity: 3,100 t.
  • the delivery and installation of 5,805 m² of metal sheet piles, the upper part of which are 7.60 m below sea-level at low tide and thus needed the help of the support vessel, Albatross.
  • the dredging of 81,000 m³ of rocky sand, down to a level of 16.75 m below sea-level at low tide.
  • the delivery of 89,000 t of rockfill
  •  the delivery and installation of 810 t of steel grit between the poles.
Herbosch-Kiere in consortium
Ministerie van Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Afdeling Maritieme Schelde
Project duration: 
01-06-2009 - 21-09-2011