HARBOUR - Construction

Construction of a harbour in Wijnegem

'De Scheepvaart' awarded Herbosch-Kiere the contract to build a new harbour and renovate embankments in Wijnegem, Belgium. The following works were successfully executed:

- Construction of a new quay of 1150m to the left shore in front of the existing quay, keeping the existing sheet pile wall and parts of the concrete upper structure.

- Construction of a harbour with quay on the opposite side (water depth 5m) of 920m and breaking down of the existing embankments. Dry and wet ground works (water depth 5m) between the existing and the new quay were included in these works.

- Supply of all infrastructure items enabling long-term mooring of ships (with the supply of waste containers, running water, electricity, car parking, etc.)

- Road works and renovation of the existing routes including all associated water drainage. 

Project duration: 
12/2009 - 10/2011