QUAY WALL - Demolition and construction

Demolition and construction of a quay wall in Antwerp

At the Delwaide Dock in Antwerp, Belgium, Herbosch-Kiere executed a project for the extension of an existing quay wall, known as the Linkspan, over 60m long and 35m wide. Works included:

- Demolition of the quay walls at the "Linkspan" using explosives, removal of waste and demolition of the existing quay crane.

- Execution of the connections with the existing structures.

The 'Linkspan' originally designed for RORO traffic, needed to be removed for logistical reasons. In its place a new quay was erected with the new wall consisting of a horizontal ferroconcrete plate attached from both sides to ferroconcrete slurry walls. The complete construction was secured with ground anchors, with the new quay wall being connected to the adjacent quays.

Project duration: 
05/2005 - 03/2006