Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing the world today. Average temperatures are rising because the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially CO2, is significantly increasing, the so-called greenhouse effect.The reduction of our COemissions therefore forms a significant challenge in our environmental management policy.

Our CO2 emissions were calculated for the first time in 2013. 4,673 tonnes of CO2, an amount that corresponds to driving around the world 649 times in an average car; 1,792 Brussels - New York return flights, the annual emissions of 234 Belgians,...This took into account scope 1 of the CO2 performance ladder, direct emissions due to own fuel consumption and scope 2, indirect emissions from electricity consumption. Also included in the calculation was the amount waste, commuter travel and the consumption of paper. Working sites, floating craft and mobility contribute for the greatest part to our CO2 emissions, respectively 41%, 30% and 22%. Fuel consumption forms the largest source of COemissions.

The CO2 emissions will be determined annually. The 2014 emissions will be calculated in the course of April 2015.

Herbosch-Kiere has committed itself to achieving level 3 on the CO2 performance ladder in the spring of 2015. The CO2 Performance Ladder is an instrument from the Netherlands to stimulate companies participating in tenders to act CO2 consciously in their own operations and in the implementation of projects.  In particular, this concerns energy saving, efficient use of materials and the use of renewable energy. By the end of 2017, our objective is to have reduced our COemissions by 6% compared to the 2013 reference year.

To achieve this goal, we have scheduled the following actions in the course of 2015 and the following years: LED lighting in our offices, replacement of old combustion plants, tyre pressure campaign, purchase of energy efficient computer screens, switching to energy efficient company cars, putting more wharves on to network current instead of using fuel oil via generators, special antifouling on our vessels and the use of green power in our offices. 

Link SKAOhttps://www.skao.nl/


HERBOSCH-KIERE  is member of the VBA Green Board, the association of Belgian contractors.

The Green Board is an environmental working group that informs the members about the new norms, legislations and tools. Environmental issues are examined and initiatives are launched. One of the main topics is the reduction of CO2.