Today, March 6th, it is exactly 30 years since the British ferry, “Herald of Free Enterprise” capsized off the coast of Zeebrugge. The disaster, sadly, took the life of 193 people. Today, the tragedy will be commemorated at sea with a floral tribute, followed by a review on safety at sea today. 

Herbosch-Kiere were engaged as the marine salvage experts for the recovery of the ferry. The Herald was raised by using 32 ‘strong points’ affixed to the struts of the solid E-deck and the lifting tugs which hauled up the wreck were attached to 16 piles driven into the seabed by our sheerleg vessel Norma. The ‘Norma’ and two other barges were used for extra lifting strength during the salvage operation and were connected to the wreck by cables wrapped around the ferry and secured to its starboard side.

We at Herbosch Kiere will always remember this tragedy and our thoughts go out to the victims and their families.