End of April and end of May we will be carrying out further demolition works in Antwerp at the ‘Ledeganckkaai’ quay, using controlled explosives. Bit by bit, we will build a new quay wall with a firm steel framework across this zone, but first we will remove, piece by piece, the old unstable wall.

Over a length of 700 meter a brand-new quay wall will rise in the ‘Nieuw Zuid’ zone. This wall is the only part of the project that will be demolished completely because of its high instability.
We will drill various subterranean holeswithin the wall and insert explosives. The operation will be executed during high tide and the explosives will detonate under water. We will extract all the debris using a grab from a pontoon and then remove it by barge.
In 2020 we want to be ready with the stabilization of  the quay wall. First we drive a steel cofferdam into the ground, then we will carefully dismantle the old quay wall. Afterwards we will build the framework of the new quay wall, consisting of gigantic steel piles and sheet piles and backfill the cofferdam layer by layer.

In zone 1 we are ready for the final part.. The steel framework of the new quay wall is finished and the cofferdam is completed: it’s time for the finishing touch. The quay wall will be brought to life with authentic elements. Before the demolition works began, we took a prints of the historic quay wall which will serve as a mold for the new concrete decoration. This is how we will reproduce the structure of the brickwork exactly. On top of the steel framework we have already installed a concrete supporting beam. Soon we will connect the gigantic concrete panels that will form the front side of the wall. The panels which will be delivered and installed from the water, will be coupled to the supporting beam. A real challenge, knowing that one panel can weigh up to 200 tons.