By now everyone knows that climate change is the greatest ecological challenge confronting the world today. The average temperature is increasing because the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, primarily CO2, is increasing significantly, the so-called greenhouse effect.

Herbosch-Kiere is also helped by having five more years to reduce emissions and shall keep working to implement this in the coming years.  

4,673 tons CO2 was the result of our first and initial carbon footprint calculation. This is a quantity that is equal to that which would be emitted travelling completely around the world with an average car 649 times, or 1,792 round-trip flights from Brussels to New York or the annual emissions of 234 Belgians.

In this one takes into account scope 1 of the CO2-performance ladder, direct emissions from our own fuel consumption and scope 2, indirect emission from use of electricity. At the same time, we also take into account the quantity of waste, home-to-work traffic and the consumption of paper.

Herbosch-Kiere has dedicated itself to keeping the CO2-performance ladder at level 3 for spring 2015. The CO2-Prestatieladder is an instrument from the Netherlands that allows companies which participate in procurement aimed at promoting CO2-conscious action in their own business management and in the completion of projects. The main points are energy conservation, making efficient use of materials and using renewable energy.

Our objective is to reduce our CO2-emissions by 6% with respect to the reference year 2013 by the end of this year.

In order to achieve this objective, we have planned the following actions in the course of 2015 and the following years: LED-lighting in our offices, replacement of old combustion plants, actively optimising tyre pressure, purchase of energy-efficient computer screens, switching to energy-conscious company cars, relying more on grid power in our wharves instead of using fuel oil to power generators, special antifouling on our ships and the use of green power in our offices. Of course, every year new initiatives will be added or the current ones intensified.

The final result of 2017 was a carbon footprint of 4,762 T CO2 .

In contrast to the other years the largest source of CO2 emissions in this prognosis is not ships, but our building wharves. The production of electricity with electrical power aggregates forms here the largest source of CO2 emissions. We are continuing to evaluate currently whether alternative forms of producing electricity are possible, such as a permanent connection to a grid using only green power or using hybrid electrical power generator groups.

Even in the purchase of new company cars, we are keeping a sharp eye on maximum CO2 emissions. So, we started in the reference year 2013 with an average emission of 130g/km and we obtained an average emission of 118g/km in 2017, an improvement of 9.23%.


Link SKAOhttps://www.skao.nl/

HERBOSCH-KIERE  is member of the VBA Green Board, the association of Belgian contractors.

The Green Board is an environmental working group that informs the members about the new norms, legislations and tools. Environmental issues are examined and initiatives are launched. One of the main topics is the reduction of CO2.