In late October, the working ship Atlantis was in put into dry dock in Saint-Nazaire, France. The shipyard chosen is an associate of Herbosch-Kiere and also a company in the Eiffage group: Eiffel Industrie Marine. Aside from the usual items during docking such as the application of new coating for the skin and the review of all overboard valves by Lloyds, the propulsion was also modified during the docking. The old 800pk propellers were replaced by more powerful and sturdier 1000pk specimens from Schottel. Following a positive test voyage with the new propellers, the return voyage to Kallo took place on December 2nd. There, the rubble fill plant was waiting, which had meanwhile undergone extensive maintenance. Op December 15th, the Atlantis was loaded on to a semi-submersible ship in order to dump stones in La Réunion as from January 2015.