Work at Herbosch-Kiere

Herbosch-Kiere recognise that an organisation is only as good as the people it employs. We are able to draw on the experience of a team of professionals who can demonstrate outstanding knowledge of marine construction, demolition and heavy lifting.


Through recruitment, continual improvement, regular training and career development Herbosch-Kiere ensure their employees are motivated and sufficiently experienced and qualified to plan, design and manage complex maritime projects. With yearly assessment interviews and an individually fitted training programme with regular in house development courses, personnel are equipped to continue working in an environment where a positive approach is valued and critical issues are openly discussed.


We propose our staff :

  • a friendly and yet professional working environment

  • skill and career development opportunities

  • a pro-active and modern HR policy

Being part of the group Eiffage Benelux and Eiffage we can offer our staff the possibility to be part of a leading European construction company and concession-holder with a mobility policy.  We can respond to transfer requests, whether on account of promotion, geographical mobility, a change of job, or something else, always trying to find the right balance between the needs expressed by the companies of the Group and the wishes of staff members. Last but not least, the Group's presence outside the Benelux countries opens up the door to international opportunities.

Career Development

The career management of our employees is a key concern - and one of strategic importance for Eiffage. We invest a great amount of time and effort in this field, seen as a gauge of company effectiveness and a guarantee for its long-term survival.

As a part of this effort, we have progressively introduced a specific organisation and processes, together with assessment and measurement tools and action plans.


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