BRIDGE - Construction

Construction of a bridge in Kanne

The project involves the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge at Kanne, under a “Design & Build” contract. Starting with the necessary design work, the old bridge was completely demolished and a new bridge built by Herbosch-Kiere.

The company has installed a total of 9 spans, the highest of which is 120 m.

The work involved the design and construction of the new bridge over the Albert Canal at Kanne, and the demolition of the existing bridge.  The superstructure of the new bridge is made of steel and is surfaced with reinforced concrete. The cycle and pedestrian pathways are made of tropical wood.

The central span (120 m) is designed as a suspension bridge, while the 8 flanking spans are conventional bridges.

The substructure is made of reinforced concrete. In addition, the company was responsible for the road infrastructure work as well as the dredging work and the construction of the quay walls.

De Scheepvaart
Project duration: 
02-06-2003 - 27-04-2007