ENVIRONMENTAL - Flood control area

Construction of a flood control area in Berlare, Belgium

If a powerful tidal wave flows into the Scheldt, the river must absorb a huge amount of water in a short amount of time. Flood control areas are low-lying areas around which we construct a ring dike. The water flows into the flood control area and can only flow back into the river once the water level there has decreased sufficiently. The river is thus given extra room to flood, but within the contours of the flood zone. Hence, we speak of a flood control area or FCA. There is also less pressure on the dikes due to the amount of water entering the flood control areas. This reduces the chance of a burst in the dike.

The works included:

  • Dike construction
  • Bank construction
  • Excavation works
  • Lock construction
  • Road works
  • Construction of fish ladder
  • Construction of stairs for dikes and wooden bridges