JETTY - Canal Dock B3

Construction of a waiting jetty in the Port of Antwerp On the east side of canaldock B3 in the Port of Antwerp.

Herbosch-Kiere is building a jetty to serve as an occasional or temporary mooring place. To drive the piles – 35 m long and 2.9 m diameter - Herbosch-Kiere engaged the CV-320 Vibro Hammer of Cape-Holland. With a weight of 90 T and a length of almost 7 m it is the largest Vibro Hammer in the world. The Vibro Hammer is equipped with a special lifting tool, enabling it to grab piles in a horizontal position. Projects progress faster and more efficiently as it removes the need to place piles vertically prior to piling. Upon piling completion, the piles were fitted with fenders in order to serve as a moorings. Furthermore Herbosch-Kiere will provide sea bed protection by means of asphalt mattresses and a feeder-cable will be installed to illuminate the piles.