LOCK - Construction or largest Lock in Deurganckdok

Construction of largest lock in the world in Deurganckdok

Construction of the second lock at the Waasland Port – in the Port of Antwerp – the world's largest sluice.

With its 500 meter, the second lock in the Waasland Port is as long as 28 articulated buses laid bumper to bumper. It is 68 meters wide which is comparable to a 19-lane motorway. 20,000 tons of structural steel was required to build the lock, the bridges, and associated accessories, that is nearly three times more than the steel used to build the Eiffel Tower (7,300 tons). Herbosch-Kiere was awarded this project, along with 4 additional partners.

The main works included:

-       Construction of a bentonite slurry wall : 90.000m²

-       Groundworks :  5.500.000m³

-       Excavation works: 9.100.000m³

-       Concrete works : 750.000m³

-       Metal fabrication (sluice doors)  : 8.700.000kg

-       Steel bridges : 3.000.000kg

-       Electro mechanical structures : 113.000kg

-       Roadworks

Herbosch-Kiere / BAM / Jan De Nul