PUMP STATION - Construction

Construction of a pump station and fish ladder in Lokeren

To reduce the problems of flooding in the Waasland region and to prevent the Durme from silting, Herbosch-Kiere was asked to build a pump station with a fish ladder which can pump up to 7500 litres of water per second from the Moervaart into the Durme at high water levels.

The pump station works automatically. The water in the Moervaart will rise slower so the Waasland region has a smaller chance to be flooded. When the weather is normal the pump will pump less water but still enough to foresee the Durme of sufficient upper flow. Because of this, less dreding works will be necessary.

Next to the new pump station came a fish ladder. The fish ladder makes fish migration possible in both ways. The fish ladder works as a siphon with a big air bubble in. This bubble is created and maintained by a vacuum pump. The greatness of the air bubble is tuned to the level of the water. Different from other fish ladders is that this siphon fish ladder is accessible for big and small fish.

Project duration: 
02/2014 - 12/2014