QUAY WALL - Quays of the Scheldt

Reconstruction of the Scheldt quay walls in Antwerp Together with the city of Antwerp

Waterwegen & Zeekanaal awarded Herbosch-Kiere and two additional partners the contract to reconstruct the quays of the Scheldt. This project consists of 7 kilometers quay wall and has three goals:

- To stabilize the historic quay wall

- Reduce the risk of flooding

- To beautify the public space


The works include:

- Delivery, piling and drilling of a combiwall (663m: 1800*28*37,5m + AZ26-700N)

- Piling of sheet piles as a back wall

- Piling of cross walls

- Groundworks

- Realization of a head beam

- Realization of ground anchors

- Demolition of an existing quay wall (67,000m³) and fittings

Herbosch-Kiere, Artes Roegiers, Hye